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  • Improved manager-staff relationships
  • A more positive team environment
  • Increased individual and team productivity

Our programs help you achieve your workforce vision by:


  • Identifying underlying behaviours and structures that may be challenging staff participation, productivity and job satisfaction
  • Sharing tools and skills to leadership and staff setting up a more positive, engaging and collaborative work environment
  • Designing and facilitating processes and programs that will help repair challenged relationships, improving inter-personal trust, understanding, as well as open and inclusive communication critical to team-building.

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Client Groups

Brainsell provides support as a third-party neutral determining workplace harassment and other relationship-based complaints for clients, individual institutions and organizations in the following areas:

  • Health Service Organizations
  • Public Education
  • Universities
  • Governmental agencies
  • Government Ministries
  • Public service organizations
  • Private corporations

Brainsell is also listed as a preferred vendor, and conducts services for the following organizations:

  1. Ontario Public Service: Providing Workplace Restoration Services.
  2. Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada: Providing independent Complaint Investigation Services.

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