The Brainsell Consulting Difference

3 Reasons to Choose Brainsell

  1. Expertise Beyond HR
  2. Third Party, Neutral Services
  3. Trusted, Reliable and Successful Outcomes

1. Expertise Beyond HR

How we add value:

Based on years of observation while working in employment and labour law in both unionized and non-unionized settings, Brainsell’s President, Sharona Freudmann, is committed to supporting clients with services and processes proven to improve staff engagement and successful workplace relationships, resulting in commitment and improved productivity.

What we help you avoid:

Our approach reduces the hours of productive time and money often lost to employee absenteeism, illness, negativity and complaint management, including relationship breakdowns resulting in harassment complaints, grievances and other costly claims.

2. Third Party, Neutral Services

Brainsell Consulting provides third-party neutral services to both public organizations, private corporations (unionized and non-unionized), associations and unions.

We are experienced and qualified lawyers, mediators and facilitators successfully conducting:


  • workplace investigations,
  • two – party mediation,
  • other facilitated dispute resolution processes
  • Restoration programming and training
  • advice and guidance supporting real cultural change.

3. Trusted, Reliable, & Successful Outcomes

Based in Toronto, Brainsell has worked with organizations and institutions of all sizes across the Province of Ontario. Our Associates  have the skills and interest needed to quicky understand the challenges at your workplace and the services best suited to address and restore relationships and the workplace environment.

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