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Workplace Investigations

We know your Corporate Policies tell staff that harassment and discrimination are not permitted, and you encourage staff to report experiencing or witnessing those behaviours.

When a Harassment or Discrimination Complaint is filed, using Brainsell Consulting to conduct the Investigation is your best response. Our investigations ensure the following:

• a neutral, professional, respectful and well-managed Investigation process
• responsive and timely results
• clear and logical reporting
• findings and conclusions connecting evidence based on facts, policy and law
• a reduced risk of any perceived bias compared to internal investigations

Workplace Resolution & Restoration

Our workplace restoration programming offers your team members a better way to resolve workplace issues, and a meaningful role in a process designed to identify and resolve workplace challenges and issues, supporting a high degree of buy in to solutions and change.


• Helps avoid the time and money to resolve differences culminating in grievances, arbitrations and/or investigations.
• Organically identifies real issues and practical changes
• Promotes teambuilding via respectful and more open communication and collaboration
• Results include invigorated staff engagement, productivity and job satisfaction

Workplace Culture Review & Assessment

Our team will connect with individual staff and managers in a confidential, no names process, resulting in a written report.

• To identify and categorize team member concerns and the challenges limiting engagement and productivity;
• Taking a snapshot of rub-points, identifies inter-personal and structural issues;
• Results include identification of some immediate, cost effective changes signaling management’s interest and commitment to staff;
• Identification of issues requiring detailed consideration going forward;
• Identification of best next step options to address challenges, including 1-1 coaching, facilitated/mediated conversations between individual staff members, as well as general issues for review at facilitated team-based workshops.

Dispute Resolution & Restoration Programming

We deliver a suite of alternative dispute resolution and restoration programming. Brainsell Consulting Associates bring their experience and successful track record supporting the following services:

• Workplace culture and health assessments
• Workshops facilitating teams to identify practical solutions to workplace challenges; and
• Workshops providing teams the tools and techniques to create a more trusting, engaging and collaborative working environments.

Our services support meaningful organizational change, including productivity, commitment and engagement by:

• Supporting individuals to identify and to meet organizational and personal goals
• Providing the communication skills and tools to better understand the interests and needs of colleagues and direct reports
• Facilitating improved relationships where communication has eroded or broken down

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