Sharona Freudmann

Founder, Brainsell Consulting Inc.

Sharona’s work aims to move people within organizations to more effective and satisfying interactions, workplace engagement, satisfaction and productivity. She is professional, authentic, frank, invested in the process, and committed to successful outcomes. As a seasoned professional, Sharona and her Brainsell Associates deliver third-party harassment Complaint Investigation services, work group assessment and restoration programming and, where mutually agreed, facilitate inter-personal conflict resolution through mediation and other facilitation services. Sharona and her associates also offer clients individual and team-based communication training to support a workplace reset, moving the workplace culture toward a more positive and inclusive environment, reflecting corporate values as promoted in respectful, positive and anti-harassment workplace policies.

Sharona’s Story

After gaining experience in a traditional law firm practicing labour and employment law, I found that the work was rooted in promulgating the adversarial ‘us and them’ approach to employer-employee relationships. I realized that my strength and my sense of purpose, what made me feel good about my day, came from supporting successful workplaces, those being workplaces that recognize and value respect, collaboration and a welcoming environment free of harassment and discrimination.

While most employers these days know they must comply with human rights and other legislation prohibiting harassing and discriminatory behaviours at the workplace, I have had the opportunity to help employers ‘walk that talk’. My practice and Brainsell Consulting’s founding philosophy reflects a commitment to working with client groups interested in more positive, inclusive, fair and successful workplaces for employers and employees. My team of associates are selected for their specialized skills and experience delivering services promoting the positive and more open communication to which our team is committed.

On a practical level, my work offers the suite of services that support the positive work environments I am committed to help clients to build and maintain. These include my role as a neutral Investigator of discrimination/harassment complaints, and restoration support, including workplace culture and health assessments, team meetings to work through identified workplace issues as well as workshop training focused on positive and open communication skills and techniques.

My consulting work meets my interest in supporting people to make real and meaningful organizational change: helping people to identify their value to their team; to take the steps needed to really listen and to be heard; and to identify and meet personal and organizational goals, all of which supports  organizational goals including productivity, loyalty, commitment and engagement.

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